Technical Information bulletins on these product groups can be found in the publications section.

Horizontal Road Markings

Thermoplastic – Paint – Permanent & Temporary Tapes – Permanent & Temporary Preformed Road Markings

Marker Posts & Street Furniture

Delineator Posts – Hazard Posts – Motorway Marker Posts

Lamps and Light Emitting Signs & Signals

Flashing Hazard Lamps

Road Studs

Permanent & Temporary Road Studs

Road Cones & Cylinders

Traffic Cones – Traffic Cylinders

Vehicle Conspicuity

Materials for the daytime and nighttime conscpicuity of commercial and emergency vehicles

Barriers & Temporary Signs

Traffic Barriers – Pedestrian Barriers – Temporary Road Signs – Trench Covers – Kerb Ramps

High Visibility Clothing

Fluorescent Lightweight and Foul Weather Clothing – Waistcoats – Tabards – Anoraks – Garment Signs

Quality & Development

Promoting quality and developing strategies to strengthen and publicise the Association
(All members are automatically part of this product group)


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